how expensive are grand pianos!
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Pianos for sale are available on online market stores and local shops. So if you are looking for one, you must have knowledge about the prices of grand pianos. The prices vary according to the size and the type of the piano you are going to buy.

Fazioli Brunei:

It is considered as the most expensive concert grand piano. It is ten foot long. It is ornamented with semi-precious stones. That’s why it is very costly. It is worth $ 400,000 USD.

Marilyn Monroe’s Piano:

As it is obvious from the name, it was Marilyn Monroe’s piano who was a Hollywood actress. She got it from her mother, so she loved it dearly. Mariah Carey bought it in $662,500 USD.

Alma-Tadema Steinway:

It is a piece of art. Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema designed the work done on it in 1887. The piano’s lid, legs and case are carved with hands. It was sold for 1.2 million USD.

John Lennon’s Steinway Model Z:

Steinway and sons prepared this piano. This piano got the fame because of the fact that John Lennon used it to compose and film in “imagine.” George Michael bought it for $2.1 million USD.

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